The North Shore Arts Association of Gloucester

is proud to award

Sven Ohrvel Carlson

the Gorton's of Gloucester Award

for his oil painting


in the NSAA's Exhibition III

August 24, 2003

Artist's Credo

I believe it to be the requirement of civilized man that he have an awareness of the directions artists give to materials and movements which in a disciplined realm constitute the creative world of the artists. The reshaping, remolding, researching of nature's spirit for the unique conciliation that will reveal a glimmering of that mutable and illusory world.

Katherine Anne Porter says that the Arts live continually and literally by faith; their names, their shapes, their uses and basic meaning survive unchanged in all that matters through times of diminishment and neglect. The arts outlive governments, creeds, societies, even the civilizations that produce them. They cannot be destroyed altogether because they represent the substance of faith and the only reality.
- Sven Ohrvel Carlson, 1996

Sven Ohrvel Canchester
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